Monday, February 21 Russian President Vladimir Putin He signed a decree recognizing the independence of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic, founded by separatists in Donbass. In a few hours The President of Russia decided to send troops “for a peaceful operation”. In two unilateral republics in eastern Ukraine.

EU and UK impose sanctions on Russia

The day after the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen European Council President Charles Michel announced that sanctions will be imposed on Russia in the afternoon. The proposal includes, among other things, imposing sanctions on people who participated in the illegal decision to recognize the independence of two self-proclaimed republics. In addition, sanctions will be imposed on banks that finance Russian military operations.

In the proposal made by politicians European UnionIt also mentions “certification of Russian state and government access to Union capital, financial markets and services” in order to reduce the financing of an aggressive policy. The other component of the package was the imposition of sanctions on trade with two breakaway regions to and from the European Union.

On Tuesday, February 22, there was also an announcement from Britain regarding the imposition of sanctions against Russia. Boris Johnson said the sanctions would apply to five Russian banks and “three natural persons with significant assets”.

Germany responds to Putin’s decree. Nord Stream 2 certification has been suspended

Germany also responded to Vladimir Putin’s decision to recognize the independence of the two breakaway republics of Donbass. Chancellor Olaf Schultz has announced the suspension of the Nord Stream 2 certification process – it sounds technical, but it is a necessary administrative step. The German chancellor said that without a certificate, Nord Stream 2 could not be launched.

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