Three days ago, Poland achieved a surprise and in “the bubble” in Riga defeated Belarus 68:56 (17:12, 16:13, 13:16, 22:15). After the penultimate match of Euro 2021 Qualifiers, our basketball players increase their chances of being promoted to the Finals. Defeat in the rematch means the end of the EuroBasket dream.

The Polish women did not repeat the exciting result or the good match from the first match with Belarus. Thanks to this victory, the favorite group advanced to the June finals in France and Spain from first place in the table.

Piao Ziruoni fought for most of the match, but the competitors (11th in the FIBA ​​Ranking, 6th in Europe), the participants in two matches (2008 and 2016), showed that it was not by chance that he had played in the European Championships that have been going on since 2013.

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The Belarusian woman, who competed with Great Britain Thursday (67:57), played hard in defense. They had an advantage under the boards (33:28), they forced 21 Polish women to lose and practically excluded the leader – Marisa Castanic from scoring points.

The meeting started on the first Friday of Wednesday (Captain Wironika Gagda, Marisa Kastanek, Anieszka Skobel, Amalia Rimpishowska, and 18-year-old Camila Burkowska), but the beginning showed that the Belarusian women “learned their lesson” from Wednesday and will fight with commitment.

Poland advanced 5-0 after Rembiszewska’s actions and the capture of Skobel, but in subsequent actions, the Belarusian women not only recovered from losses, but also made a 15: 8 lead, scoring 10 points in a row. Lichtarowicz was an active and two powerful Belarusians, Wiktorija Hasper and Anastasija Wieramiejenka. After 10 minutes, the competitors were advancing at 23:12.

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In the second quarter, the Poles played better, fought under the substitute basket, Victoria Tlinga and Agneska Katchmarkczyk, but it was the competitors who still dictated the terms and had better efficiency. Katsiaryna Snicyna, known from Polish dance halls, was unstoppable. Belarus was ahead in the ratio of 34:17, but the Polish team managed to reduce their losses (27:38).

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In the second half, the picture of the match did not change, and although coach Marus Kovacic’s accusations competed in defense, the effectiveness was not good. Zuzana Sklipovi and Wironika Jagda showed some of the most daring actions, the slender young 18-year-old Burkowska and Tlenga tried to fight under the basket, but the strong Belarusian woman was not defeated on Saturday.

Competitors hit almost anything. After 30 minutes it was 57:41. The changes made in the Polish national team, nor the requests for a break and the loud comments of coach Kovacic, did not help.

Their competitors dominated the Polish women in the fourth quarter (8:23). In their behavior in attack, there was no confidence and commitment like Wednesday, which was used carefully by the veteran player of coach Natalia Trafimaawa. Successful actions in brave defense, as always by Skobel, were not able to inspire the Polish team to fight.

The proportion of Belarusian women was 62.5 percent. The effectiveness of the two-point throws while the Polish women are only 39.

Poland, European champion 1999, did not qualify for the European Championship for the third time in a row.

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Poland-Belarus 49:80 (12:23, 17:20, 12:14, 8:23)

Poland: Weronika Telenga 8, Agnieszka Skobel 8, Kamila Borkowska 7, Marissa Kastanek 7, Zuzanna Sklepowicz 6, Weronika Gajda 5, Agnieszka Kaczmarczyk 5, Amalia Rembiszewska 3, Juliaowicz 0, Agata Dobrowolska; 0

Belarus: Katsiaryna Snicyna 14, Tatsiana Lichtarowicz 11, Anastasija Wieramiejenka 11, Marija Papowa 10, Wiktorija Hasper 8, Julija Rycikawa 8, Alexandria Bentley 6, Janina Inkina 4, Julija Wasiliewicz 4, Wołha Ziuzrycho 2, Hanna 2.

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