The European Parliament’s Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee agreed, Thursday, to extend the validity of the so-called EU COVID certificate, which was supposed to expire on June 30 this year. But in December, the situation will be reviewed and the validity period of the “certificates” may be shortened if the epidemiological situation allows.

48 MEPs voted in favor of extending the document’s validity, 16 against, and no one abstained, according to the Polish news agency (PAP).

European Union “Covid Certificate”

Thursday’s decision by the European Parliament Commission will be dealt with next week by MEPs during the European Parliament’s plenary session in Strasbourg.

Currently, the EU “Covid Certificate” is only valid in a few countries. Nearly a year after its introduction, European Union member states have lifted most coronavirus restrictions, and certification is now required when entering some public places in Italy, Cyprus and Greece. In some countries of the European Union, the document is not required even when crossing the state border.

so called COVID certificate from the European Union Contains information about being vaccinated with a preparation against COVID-19, passing COVID-19 disease, or having a negative test result for the presence of the coronavirus in the body. The main purpose of the document It was supposed to make it easier to move around Europe, but in many countries presenting it was also a condition of entering a restaurant, hotel or cinema.

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