August 7, 2021, 08:41

Epic Games lost nearly $500 million on its store. A court dispute with Apple provides new information about the financial size of the EGS vessel so far.


  1. New documents from the Epic vs Apple thesis have appeared on the web. They show that nearly $500 million has sunk into EGS.
  2. The store will start earning for itself only in 2027.

Epic Games has invested nearly $500 million in its store since its launch in 2019. From day one, EGS trips red and this state will continue until 2027. So how Results According to court documents in the Epic Games vs. Apple, the company expects to end support for the company.

yesterday inform us You are about the fact that only one game offered exclusively at EGS has earned itself – illness. However, these are not coconuts, because EGS assumes a profit of $ 11.5 million (which is exactly what was paid for the exclusivity), and the title Coffee Stain Studios It brought 11.6 million to the company’s treasury. The remaining games are minor or major financial problems (subway displacement He earned 22.2 million less than expected by an Epic Games accountant).

Disagreement with Apple So far, it only brings delicious crumbs about running the Epic Games Store. New documents relating to this court dispute have appeared online. They show Apple’s aggressive defense score EGS.

The Epic Games Store, unlike the App Store, does not make any profit. That won’t change in the coming years, if at all. Epic lost about $181 million in 2019 and is expected to reach $273 million in 2020. The company committed a staggering $444 million in secured payments, targeting optimistic returns of $401 million. Epic knows this trend will remain the same and will lose approximately $139 million in 2021.

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These were the words that Apple’s attorney said during the trial. Moments later, the plot continues, stating that Epic Games will not start making money from the store until 2027.

If we take into account the lowest numbers, it turns out that Epic has invested $493 million in its store.. The company said 330 million of those costs were not reimbursed. At best EGS will start making profits for itself in 2027.

However, when we look back a few months, we find the statement ?? Tim Sweeney, from is satisfied From how the EGS works and you think the loss in this case is an investment worth the candle. Interestingly, the entry linked above contains information about expected positive output in 2023. Could Tim Sweeney be overly optimistic?

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