There have been proposals on social media to move the match with the Polish national team to neutral territory or to change host due to restrictions in England. Then on March 31, the duel will take place in Poland, and the rematch in September in England. Great Britain, due to virus mutations, is considered by the German health and epidemiological authorities one of the regions most at risk.

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The FA: The match will be against Poland at Wembley

if it is possible? He asked the EnglishTelevision Union “TVP Sport”. The English responded, “The England-Poland match is scheduled for March 31, 2021 and will be played at Wembley Stadium. As usual, we remain in dialogue with all stakeholders.”

Let us remind you that the Ligue 1 authorities announced on Wednesday that after consulting with the heads of all Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 clubs, a decision was made to refuse to allow players from these tournaments to travel to the national team matches. To be held outside the European Union. Remember, Zbigniew Bunyik drew attention to the hypocrisy of French activists. – So friends from France thought this: our French national team plays two matches in this window outside the European Union (Kazakhstan and Bosnia) and everything is fine, but we forbid foreigners to play outside the European Union. Let’s sleep a little – wrote on Twitter.

Boniek on the decision by Ligue 1 clubsBoniek goes on the offensive. This was his reaction to the French decision on Melek

It remains unknown if two other Polish strikers, who play in the German Bundesliga: Robert Lewandowski and Krzysztof Petek, will be able to travel to England. Under the current provisions in place in Germany, after returning from the nearest training camp, they face a 14-day quarantine.

The values ​​of the Germans are Robert Lewandowski. The values ​​of the Germans are Robert Lewandowski. “It would have been the end of the season for him, Rado attacking had such a possibility.”

The England-Poland match as part of next year’s World Cup qualifying round three is scheduled for Wednesday, March 31 at 20.45. Two other matches for the Polish group will be played simultaneously: Andorra – Hungary and San Marino – Albania. On March 25, Poland will play in Budapest with Hungary, and three days later, with Andorra in the National Stadium.