a company electronic arts A series of pickaxe games FIFA More than 27 years ago. At first it was FIFA International Soccer, then FIFA Soccer 95 and FIFA Soccer 1996. Since 1997 these are the names we know today. This may change in the future.

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Polish eSports Cup

Why these assumptions? The British and European Intellectual Property Office subsequently received a registration application for the EA Sports FC name. For players, the name is clear and legible. The first phrase refers to the words that have appeared in the introduction to the game over the years. “FC” is an acronym for “Football Club”, which clearly refers to the new look that an American gaming product will look like.

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FIFA will change its name?

Why might a publisher plan to rebrand? “According to some commentators, the whole procedure is a preparation for the upcoming negotiations with FIFA. The organization is aware of the increasing profits from the match series, and therefore it is possible to request more money from EA to extend its licensing. Therefore, Electronic Arts is building its own negotiating position.” , which indicates that the assumption is ready for renaming ”- we read in spider web portal.

Furthermore: “It is possible that the game publisher will only want to curb the financial appetite of the Peak Nona Federation through their actions, and in the following years we will play FIFA 23, FIFA 24, etc.”

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in the pictureRevolution in the Polish national team. More than half of the players are for sale

Dozens or so days ago, the latest version of the game titled FIFA 22 appeared. Thanks to the new elements, the game enjoys popularity and good opinion among users of the new generation of Xbox Series and PlayStation 5.