The extraction of oil in a nature reserve in Alaska is highly controversial. For many years, environmentalists have warned of the dangers associated with it, and have called for a halt to work in the field. Everything indicates that there will be a change in Alaska soon.

The end of drilling in Alaska?  There is Biden's statement

The end of drilling in Alaska? There is Biden’s statementSource: oriental news, picture: mandal nagan


Thus, it will reverse the decision of his predecessor, Donald Trump.


Biden’s plans were confirmed on Tuesday by a senior US administration official.

Turning towards the environment

As CNN notes, the new US administration is reviewing Donald Trump’s climate policy.

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It is very likely that the suspension of the federal lease areas for oil and gas production in the Alaska Reserve was the result of an executive decree issued earlier this year. It ordered the US Secretary of the Interior to impose a temporary ban in federal areas on oil and gas production in the Arctic. They will be preserved until appropriate research is performed.

The struggle for power

Observers comment that Biden’s decision may contribute to a renewed political struggle for the region. Alaska has rich oil reserves that attract almost the entire business world.

On the other hand, the area is considered sacred by the indigenous Gwich’in community. Polar bears, caribou, snowy owls and other wild animals and migratory birds from six continents also live there.


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