Let us remind you that a Polish resident of Great Britain is in a coma in a hospital in Plymouth. Two months ago, he had a serious heart attack, which, due to which this organ had stopped for several tens of minutes, led to permanent brain damage. The local service that described the case did not provide details on the man. It is only known that he is in middle age.

The administration of the hospital where the man is staying has applied to the court for permission to separate the patient from life support devices. This split the pole’s relatives. His wife and children accepted the arguments of the hospital administration, saying their relative would not be a “burden” for anyone. The patient’s mother, two sisters, and niece who live in Poland pleaded with him to leave him alive because – according to their assertions – due to his deep-rooted faith in Catholicism, he did not want his life to end this way. However, the guardianship court approved the wife’s arguments. Al-Polish’s mother and sisters have appealed against the aforementioned decision to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. It was rejected for procedural reasons.

The court rejected the patient’s mother and sisters ’request

During Monday’s hearing, Judge Eleanor King of Guardianship Court ordered the man to continue watering and resume feeding until 7 p.m. on Wednesday, January 13th. Some of the patient’s relatives requested permission to be taken to Poland and to be examined by a Polish doctor. It was said that his condition had changed since the previous trial, which required further medical advice. The judge rejected the requests, citing the opinions of British doctors, which showed that the electrode is in a coma and that the transfer to Poland is illogical, because the man’s wife and children remain in place and support separating him from the device. The mother, two sisters, and their niece still hold the opposite opinion.

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Relatives are calling on the Prime Minister to intervene

The rejection of the appeal by the British Court allows us to refer the request again to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. We should do it by 19:00 on Wednesday, and until then, my brother will be connected to the device – the guy’s sister said in an interview with TVP Info. The patient’s relatives also asked Matthews Murawiecki to intervene in the European Court of Human Rights. However, the lawyers point out that in such a case, Poland would have to formally acknowledge the UK’s violation of an article of the European Convention on Human Rights.

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