Less than two months after its release, the Elden Ring was completed in less than 9 minutes. All thanks to bugs that players overuse to teleport across larger and larger parts of the map.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to cite a new record for the fastest Elden Ring finish on the gate, and while the 12 minutes were great, we can be sure that record will be quickly broken.

Fans of fast racing have found a way to literally jump over large parts of the map and because of this bug they can deal with successive bosses or even just avoid them. Elden Ring’s latest completion record is just 8 minutes 56 seconds, which is impressive considering the length of the game and the world itself.

As a benchmark, the players defeated the last boss of the Elden Ring after about 50 hours in the world, but we must remember that in this case a lot depends on our skills and experience. Some parts can take up to several hours, and with a bit of luck or just skill, we can complete them in a few dozen minutes.

I can confidently suspect that the fast racers will now have to complete the Elden Ring in less than 5 minutes. It will not be very effective, but there are a lot of people who are willing to watch the actions of similar feats.

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