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A House select committee held a hearing on the 21st, and several witnesses said former President Trump sat for hours watching crowds of live television stormed Congress. (Image taken from twitter.com/January6thCmte)

(Central News Agency, Washington, D.C. 25) According to congressional testimony issued by US Congressman Luria today, after the congressional attack on January 6, 2021, former President Trump made a statement in his speech to be delivered the next day. The relevant punishment he made with the rioters and refused to demand their trial.

Elaine Luria, a member of the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 congressional attack, posted a clip of her Twitter address showing Trump’s cross-cutting “I want to make it clear,” Reuters reports. Explain: you do not represent me, you do not represent our movement. “

Trump also rescinded instructions “to ensure that all lawbreakers are prosecuted to the fullest extent permitted by law. We must send a clear message, no mercy but justice. There must be swift and decisive legal consequences.”

In a prime-time hearing last week, the congressional committee investigating the riots played videos of Trump’s January 7 speech, in which he refused to acknowledge that the election was over and that he had lost. “I don’t want to say the election is over,” Trump said in a videotape of his introductory speech.

In the attack, thousands of Trump supporters stormed Capitol Hill in an attempt to prevent Congress from certifying Biden’s victory in the November 2020 presidential election.

The footage uploaded by Luria, which has not been released to the public, includes testimony from Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump, son-in-law Jared Kushner, and White House lawyers and aides, who said Trump was attacked in Congress after the attack. Deliver a de-escalation speech.

Investigators asked Kushner, “Do you know why he wanted to cross out those sentences?” Kushner replied, “I don’t know.”

Witnesses said they fear bad things will happen later if Trump does not send a strong message.

White House counsel Pat Cipollone testified, “It must be said forcefully: they cannot represent him or his political views in any way or form.”

John McInty, a Trump aide, told committee investigators that Kushner had asked him to persuade Trump to speak out and “help calm the situation.”

Detectives asked McGinty, “Does this mean the president was somewhat reluctant to make this speech?” McGinty replied, “Yes.”

The investigator added, “So what did you base your answer on?” McGinty replied, relying on the fact that someone wanted him. (Translator: Zhang Xiaowen / Verification: Li Peishan) 1110726

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