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December 23, 2021, 16:12

More details about The Wolf Of Us 2 were revealed in the latest issue of Game Informer. When and where will the game take place? He also states that production is on an equal footing.

Quick overview:

  1. Game Informer makers The wolf among us 2 New details about their upcoming production.
  2. The sequel takes place six months after one events; It would be New York’s place in the winter scene.
  3. It is also known that work on the text has been completed.
  4. The game will most likely run on the Unreal Engine.

We stayed a few weeks ago Sureproduction of that game The wolf among us 2 From the studio Telltale Games, contrary to concerns, it will not stand still. Today we know more about our standing thanks to the latest issue of the magazine detective gameWhere the developers mentioned More details about their upcoming game.

less tweet The article that appeared in Issue 342 of Game Informer sums it up in a few sentences:



We learned a bit about the plot: the story of the climate sequel Adventures of 2013 will start Six months after the end of the first part. We also know that the event takes place in New York City in the winter.

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This information should calm fans down a bit: the game is in full production and the script (which is crucial in this case) has been completed. We also learned about some technical details The wolf among us 2 It appears that it will be based on the Unreal Engine, a deviation from Telltale products, which until now have used proprietary technology.

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release date The wolf among us 2 This is still a mystery, but given the above information, it can be carefully assumed that we will know it soon.