Blue Box Game studio recently postponed the abandoned show again, and also denied that its production had suddenly stopped.

The developers don’t have an easy life because after announcing a collaboration with Sony, they were flooded with questions about whether deserted isn’t the new Silent Hill, and Blue Box Game Studio is headed up by talented Hideo Kojima.

In a recording posted on social media, the team boss denied the rumors, and now wants to stress once again that he has nothing to do with the brand owned by Konami. In a podcast on PlayStation, Sacred Symbols+ confirmed again, also referring to the fact that he contacted a Japanese company some time ago:

I called them, I got nervous because people thought they were deserted in Silent Hill. It all got out of hand and as you know we are a small band, we’ve never had a big audience, we’re inexperienced. She called Konami and said, “Hey, you know what, it’s never going to happen [powiązanie Abandoned z Silent Hill –] I did not mean that. “They really understood.

We still don’t know when Hassan Kahram’s team will be ready to present their game closely. However, as many people emphasize, it is worth looking closely at this title, because Sony should not cooperate with someone who makes fun of gamers.

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