More than two-thirds of the population may now suffer from hand dermatitis due to strict hand washing and the use of alcohol-containing preparations during the COVID-19 pandemic, which was announced at the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV) Symposium 2021.

Researchers at Father Muller Medical College in Mangalore, India analyzed transcutaneous water loss (TEWL – an important parameter for measuring skin barrier function) in 582 subjects (291 healthcare professionals (HCPs) and 291 healthy people from the general population).

TEWL (Transepidermal Water Loss) is traditionally expressed in g / m2. Typically, for healthy skin, the TEWL is between 5 and 25 g / m2 per hour. The higher the TEWL value, the weaker the skin barrier, which is the case with many skin infections.

According to both the medical staff and other study participants Skin irritation and dryness has been a major obstacle to the continued use of hand hygiene (Such problems were reported by 72.1% of health care workers and 50.8% of healthy volunteers.)

As the study showed, Hand dermatitis occurred in 92.6% and 68.7%. The general population, though, is only about 3 per cent. And 2.4 percent. Representatives of the general population in the study reported a previous history of hand dermatitis (Medically diagnosed or reported by the patient himself). An elevated mean value of TEWL (indicating dry skin) was also observed in women (65.4 g / m2h) and people working in the ICU (58.2g / m2h), which was associated with frequent hand washing and the use of lotions. Based on alcohol.

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These studies show the true effect of increased hand washing and absorption of alcohol-containing formulas on the health of the hand skin of healthcare professionals and the general public. – Dr Munisha Madumita from Medical College, noted Father Muller, India.

Moreover, we now know that using TEWL to measure skin barrier function can help us compare the effectiveness of different barrier preventive measures and find appropriate adjustments to hand hygiene practices and product to prevent hand lesions. – She indicated.

There is now an epidemic of skin diseases as part of the Covid-19 pandemic I can’t wait to see the dermatologist community research potential solutions to this problem Mary Aleeth Richard, Member of the Board of Directors of EADV and Professor at La Timon University Hospital in Marseille added.

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