The rate of covid-19 infection in Liverpool has decreased again as the numbers continue to decline.

The city is suffering from Tremendous impact The virus is currently subject to the highest level of Level 3 restrictions.

While the situation in city hospitals is very difficult, Fortunately, Liverpool’s injury rate has decreased.

The latest data showed a continuing trend of declining cases and the largest drop in recent days.

The infection rate in the city is now 430.3 per 100,000, down from 480.1 the previous day.

Data extracted covering tests as of October 26 shows that the total number of confirmed cases over the past seven days is 2,143, which is a significant decrease of 723 cases from the previous week.

The continued decline in infection rate over the past week indicates that Level 3 lockdown restrictions may have an effect.

Not long ago the infection level was close to 700 per 100,000.

However, numbers remain dangerously high, and with the critical situation in city hospitals, this is no time for complacency.

Yesterday the Liverpool Main Hospital Trust scored more 17 deaths due to COVID-19, Bringing its total to dismal 674 since the start of the epidemic.

Across the hospitals in the wider city area, there were a total of 33 new COVID-19 deaths.

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Liverpool’s public health team is concerned about the rate of transmission between the elderly and the most vulnerable.

A statement said: “Compared to the previous week, we saw a slight decrease in the rates of new infections in the city, but the current rate for 7 days remains very high.”

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“The rate of new infections in the elderly is particularly worrisome at the current very high level, which is leading to increased stress on hospitals and deaths from Covid for weeks to come.”

The wards with the highest number of confirmed cases are Norris Green (103 cases), Vazacerlee (99 cases), Central (98 cases), Allerton and Hunts Cross (96 cases), Greenbank (88 cases) and Naughty Ash (86 cases). Warbreck (85 cases), Picton (84 cases), Riverside (83 cases), Clubmoor (81 cases), and Speke-Garston (78 cases).

Between 22-28 October 2020, there were 201 deaths recorded in Liverpool, of which 37% (n = 76) were Covid-19 deaths.