In the first week of the new year, tennis players can also compete for points and cash prizes in the ATP Challenger Tour. Only one Pole, Piotr Matuszewski, took advantage of this opportunity.

Rafai Smolensky

Piotr Matuszewski

Press materials / Pekao Szczecin Open / Pictured: Piotr Matuszewski

23-year-old Piotr Matuszewski was the last Pole to finish competitions at the competition level in 2021 (in mid-December he played in competition in the Portuguese town of Maya) and was the first to open it in the new season. This time he went to Furla, where his partner was Władysław Manafow.

At the end of August, the Polish-Ukrainian duo surprised everyone by reaching the final of the contender in Warsaw. Now both tennis players are trying to score points to improve the rankings. In the Italian hard court event in the hall, they were ranked number four.

In the first round, Matuszewski and Manavu turned out to be better than British duo Jay Clark and Aidan McHugh after two tie periods. They could have finished the match faster, but they didn’t maintain the breakout advantage in every set. In the end they finished the match with a score of 7:6 (4), 7:6 (3).

Their opponents were Belgian Michael Gerts and American Alexander Richard on Thursday. The first edition should end as expected by the Poles and Ukrainians, but they did not benefit from a breakthrough and four set pieces in the tiebreak. Then our representative and his partner could not threaten their competitors at the second party.

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Matuszewski and Manafuto finally lost in the quarter-finals 6:7 (8), 5:7. For their performance in Forli, they would receive 9 doubles standings and a check for 350 euros to be shared. The Italian competition is the lowest ranked competition, with prizes of 32.1 thousand. euro.

International Tennis Championships in ForliForli (Italy)
ATP Challenger Tour, hard court in the hall, prize pool 32.1 thousand. euro
Wednesday – Thursday 5-6 January

Quarter-final doubled:

Michael Gertz (Belgium) / Alexander Richard (USA) – Pyotr Matuszewski (Poland, 4) / Vadislav Manafov (Ukraine, 4) 7:6 (8), 7:5

First round of doubles:

Piotr Matuszewski (Poland, 4) / Władysław Manafow (Ukraine, 4) – Jay Clark (UK) / Aidan McHugh (UK) 7:6 (4), 7:6 (3)

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