The duo of Carol Drzewiecki and Szymon Walków finished the competition in Ostrava in the quarter-finals. The Polish – Pyotr Matoseevsky, who plays his matches in the Czech Republic with the Ukrainian – Vitaly Sakzko, will fight for the final.

Jacob Fordon

Piotr Matuszewski

Press materials / Andrzej Szkocki / Pekao Szczecin Open / Pictured: Piotr Matuszewski

On Wednesday, the last Pole to compete in the singles, Daniel Michalski, bid farewell to the ATP tournament in Ostrava. Kacper Żuk ended his participation in the first round.

On the other hand, the Polish doubles team did an excellent job. Carol Drzewiecki and Szymon Walkow, as well as Piotr Matuszewski, who formed a duet with Ukrainian – Witalij Saczko, qualified for the quarter-finals.

On Thursday, Drzewiecki and Walków were the first to fight for promotion to the semi-finals. Their competitors were the American Hunter Reis and the Dutchman Sim Verbeek, seeded in the “two” category.

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The Dutch-American duo won the match in two sets. In each, he achieved one feat by taking advantage of the opportunities he was given. The Poles did not take advantage of their chances of collapsing during the first edition, which was their only chance in the entire match.

Another doubles duel in Ostrava was also with a Polish accent, because Piotr Matuszewski got into the game, playing in a duet with Witalij Saczko. On the other side of the net stood Frenchman Yvan Furness and Briton Ryan Penniston.

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From the start, the game was better for the Polish-Ukrainian duo who won the opening. In the second set, the opponents did not have much to say, because they could only win one match.

Matuszewski and Sackzko qualified for the semi-finals, where on Saturday they will play the “top-ranked” Austrians – Alexander Erler and Lukas Midler.

Ostra Group Open by Moneta, Ostrava (Czech Republic)
ATP Challenger Tour, clay courts, total prize money of 45.7 thousand. euro
Thursday 28th April

Quarter-finals doubles:

Piotr Matuszewski (Poland) / Witalij Saczko (Ukraine) – Evan Furness (France) / Ryan Peniston (Great Britain) 6:4, 6:1

Hunter Reiss (USA, 2) / Sim Verbeek (Netherlands, 2) – Karol Drzewski (Poland) / Szymon Walków (Poland) 6:4, 6:4

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