The Polish national team qualified for the World Championships, which will be held in early November and December in Qatar. Poland defeated Sweden 2:0 in the final. During the group stage of the World Cup Finals, the Poles will face Argentina, Mexico and Saudi Arabia. Certainly, Czeslaw Mitchnowitz’s side will not have an easy task to advance to the knockout stage. And while there is still a long way to go before the tournament, Britain’s Daily Mail has prepared its predictions for what could happen in Qatar. The analysis is not very optimistic for our employees.

The Polish national team has no chance of a final victory

Journalists from Great Britain took a closer look at all the teams that will participate in the World Cup. Their path to the World Cup was described, individual players, who are the greatest stars of their teams, and coaches were also evaluated. They then estimated, on a scale of 1 to 5, the teams’ chances of achieving a final victory. Wyatt and the Reds are not rated by the Daily Mail. The Poles received “one”.

Of course, Robert Lewandowski was appointed captain of our team. The British were delighted with the game of the captain of the Polish national team, who left him another good season. “He is the deadliest striker in the world and continues to make the net with terrifying consistency. With 45 goals in 37 club matches, it was another ridiculous season. He also proves many times that he is a Polish champion on the international stage “- wrote about the striker.

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According to the Daily Mail, Argentina is the favorite of the Polish group. The team from South America earned a “three”. Mexico, in turn, got a total of two. On the other hand, the greatest chances of winning the world championship were given to three national teams – France, Brazil and England.

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