Will the UEFA Champions League Final take place in England? The Aston Villa presidents have suggested that the match between Manchester City and Chelsea be played at the club’s stadium in Birmingham. The UK authorities believe that due to the number of infections, British fans will not be safe in Istanbul.

  • The UEFA Champions League Final may be held at Villa Park, at the suggestion of the Aston Villa authorities
  • 8,000 spectators will come to Istanbul for the Manchester City-Chelsea match
  • UK authorities fear the next wave of the Coronavirus – Turkey is currently experiencing the largest number of infections in Europe

Champions League final It will be held in England and not Istanbul, due to the situation in Turkey. The club authorities and the British government are calling for this to happen. All this because Turkey is currently witnessing the largest number of coronavirus infections in Europe. The European Football Confederation (UEFA) announced that the fans will be accepted into the LM Final, which means that at the end of May, the number of fans will be around 8000. People have to come and return from Istanbul. The British authorities do not want to allow this scenario to happen.

Aston Villa has already sent an application to UEFA and UEFA, who have announced that they can lease their stadium for the UEFA Champions League Final. Villa Park is located in Birmingham and seats 42,500. According to Sky Sports, the club authorities want to protect fans from injury.

The Champions League final will not be held in Istanbul? Great Britain is putting pressure on the Turkish authorities

As Sky Sports reported, UEFA is insisting on playing the final in Istanbul. In turn, the British authorities want fans not to travel to Turkey. As Sky reporters added, Prime Minister Boris Johnson will not change his mind unless the Turkish authorities adapt their policy to the current situation and ensure the safety of the British.

RadioZET.pl/Sky Sports