At least that’s what the pictures indicate.

These buildings are located on 1 and 3 Ratajczaka Street, that is, in front of the entrance to the new part of Stary Browar. A Social Entrepreneurship Education Center will be established there, and the investor is WSB University. Business has already started.

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– In addition to the renovation of residential houses, the investment also includes the construction of up to three glass conductors, in addition to the historic buildings currently in use by the WSB University in Pozna, at ul. Powstańców Wielkopolskich 1 and 5 and Ratajczaka 5/7, will create a complex of university buildings. There will be classrooms, a student area, areas and rooms for co-working and workshops, as well as an open space between residential houses – The investor explains.

Centrum Kształcenia Przedsiębiorczości Społecznej will focus on providing services to the social economy sector. Activities will include: supporting research to diagnose the needs of local business entities and developing development strategies for these entities, obtaining financial aid to create job opportunities, in addition to training, advisory and promotional support for business entities. The WSB will be responsible for the work of the center in cooperation with the project partner, ie the Association of Social Cooperatives.

Work in progress as part of the investment may cause temporary difficulties in pedestrian movement. The entire project will cost approximately 6.5 million PLN, of which approximately 4.5 million PLN will be co-financed by WRPO 2014+.

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