Jacek Wilk, an attorney and former attorney, posted a short video on Twitter on January 14. Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Great Britain, is shown dancing with a woman holding a toy lightsaber in her hand. “Meanwhile, a Prime Minister appointed during lockdown…close to the people, of course” – Welk commented (the spelling of all posts was original). More than 700 people liked his post. Because Boris Johnson has found himself under fire in recent days – After it was revealed Downing Street hosts alcohol parties every Friday afternoonAlso, during COVID restrictions The post sparked a lot of comments.

“Insurance for the general public, elyta can have fun and enjoy life”; “Covid” is not scary for the elite” – commented on Wilk’s post by netizens who apparently thought the movie was shot recently and shows what the British press is talking about. But how’s it going…without a mask in a closed room? “;” They deceive people “;” This farce has been going on for a year now. Complete hypocrisy and misery ”- the participants of the discussion on Twitter were indignant.

Boris Johnson was about to break the chains. More than half of Britons want him to resign Video: Facts about TVN

“You are repeating fake news.” The author translates

However, most of the comments criticized Wilk’s entry. Netizens have argued that the recording is archival and has nothing to do with the COVID-19 pandemic. Jakob Krupa, a Polish journalist working in Great Britain, drew attention to this. “Nonsense. This is a historical video from the time Johnson was Mayor of London, recorded in the main hall of City Council. It has nothing to do with the lockdown.” he wrote Krupa on Twitter.

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Jacek Wilk responded to the critics’ votes, translating For example: “But this video is a satire of Johnson’s words, which he now stupidly translates.” He later posted another explanatory note Entry: “Explanation of mental sluggishness: – yes – the video is not ‘from now’, – yes – the video is a satirical ‘explanation’ of the words of Johnson (video: description of the video) lying about his party during lockdown. Now it lit (some) in their heads.”

Explanations did not satisfy everyone. “Manipulation and lies. And when this film from Boris’ time as mayor of London turned out to be quick to blow, it was sarcasm” – wrote one Twitter user. Another said, “You are repeating fake news and now, by trying to turn it into a joke, you are challenging people.”

When did Boris Johnson dance?

Jacek Wilk in his interpretation refers to the meeting in the garden of the British Prime Minister’s residence in Downing Street, which was revealed in the media. It happened on May 20, 2020, when restrictions imposed in Great Britain allowed outdoor meeting with a maximum of one person from outside your household, while maintaining a distance of two metres. Johnson confirmed that he was in the meeting for 20 minutes. On January 12, the Prime Minister apologized for your behaviour. When asked to resign, he replied that we had to wait for the results of the investigation.

In turn, on January 14, the Daily Mirror revealed that That alcohol meetings were held regularly in the British Prime Minister’s office in Downing Street, called “wine fives”. They continued after COVID-19 restrictions, when social distancing was banned.

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The video Jacek Wilk posted on Twitter, however, has nothing to do with the events described. British Daily mail informs youThat registration was made in 2013, when Johnson was Mayor of London. It started spreading online again during the current prime minister’s scandal. In the film, next to Johnson, you can see Janet Arnold, who was then a member of the London Society – the team that controls the activities of the mayor. On January 12, Arnold Wei Entry She called on Johnson on Twitter to resign over the disclosure of information about the organization of events in his office.