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The latest research shows that Britons have saved more money than any country in Europe since the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, the population of the United Kingdom has usually outperformed the Conservatives in terms of spending the Germans’ money in terms of savings.

The analysis by the savings platform Raisin leaves no doubt – it is the British who lead the most economical and economical countries in Europe. The data collected shows that in the first half of 2021, £81 billion was accumulated in UK savings accounts, the highest amount saved in the UK in just six months. As analysts admit, the habit of saving in Great Britain accelerated significantly at the beginning of the epidemic – suffice it to say that from June 2020 to June 2021, savers increased their balance by 17%! For comparison, let’s add that, at the same time, savings on the continent increased by only 6.5%, which is almost three times as much as in Great Britain.

The British are more careful than the Germans?

The fact that the British saved much more money than the Germans during the pandemic suggests that people in the UK are, surprisingly, becoming more prudent and disciplined in managing their money. UK savers have been saving more and more money since the start of the Covid-19 crisis, and they have now surpassed even their German colleagues, who are known to save more in Europe. However, British savers are on the same boat with their European neighbours, earning little or no money from their savings. With rising inflation and the gradual opening up of the continent, it may be difficult for people to save as much as it was before, said Dr. Tamaz Georgadze of Raisin.

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