Family trips can be fun and interesting not only for children, but also for parents. It is worth choosing places to visit that are not only interesting, but also an opportunity to learn. It is not necessary to travel abroad to organize a great family trip. Choose the Bochnia Salt Mine to find out how attractive excursions are in Poland.

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the landmarks of the city From the Bushnia salt mine
The salt mine mentioned above is the oldest in Poland. A visit to the salt pits is an attraction not only for young children, but also for parents. When you explore the underground salt works, you can learn what an ancient mining technique looked like. There are many sightseeing options to choose from. Families with young children should pay attention to it Family city sightseeing Treasurer Kingdom. This slightly fanciful version of a sightseeing tour will appeal to the whole family, although attention is mainly focused on younger tourists. In this tour you will learn about the legend of the cashier, thanks to which you will find the treasure of this unusual character. The route includes a visit to the Underground Multimedia Gallery, a train ride, an encounter with the mysterious treasurer and a stay in the Ważyn room.

Just being more than 200 meters underground and having the chance to visit the salt works is a huge attraction. The stunning impression is enhanced by the presentation of a multimedia exhibition. More than 770 years of history of the mine is presented in a way that not only educates but also entertains. However, these are not the only attractions that you can take advantage of while visiting the Bochnia Salt Mine.

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Bushnia Salt Mine, Keratuwa Room

Many Attractions – Satisfaction Guarantee
The real attraction for the whole family is the descent by a real mining elevator to a depth of 212 meters. From this point begins the tour of the oldest salt mine in Poland. If you are a true adventurous fan, you will also be interested in being able to cross the brine-soaked room. Although it is an additional paid attraction, it is worth taking advantage of it to get a great experience and beautiful memories. This adventure is such a fun experience for kids that they will surely be a source of pride. An interesting fact is that the boats in the mine are registered in the Polish Register of Shipping.

Healthy city sightseeing
When it comes to Bochnia Salt Mine, no one can forget its health benefits. A visit to the Bochnia salt mine can be a form of preventive health care. Underground aerosol has a positive effect in reducing allergy symptoms, supports the condition of people suffering from asthma. People with COPD may also feel better after walking underground in the mine.
We have other good news for families. You can pay for your stay at the Bochnia Salt Mine using a Polish tourism voucher.

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