BP Michael Hübner He was the subject of two investigations by the Church after he was accused of mishandling the cases of priests accused of committing sexual assaults.

Huebner, 71, was the first U.S. Bishop to be examined under the Pope Francis’ 2019 Standard Vos estis lux mundi to investigate bishops accused of mistreating or obstructing allegations of sexual assault against the clergy.

Pope Francis has appointed Bishop Richard Edmund Bates, emeritus bishop of Des Moines, Iowa, to head the diocese of Crookston as Apostolic Officer of the sede vacante pending a new bishop appointment.

Reportedly, Hoeppner pressured the alleged victim to drop allegations of abuse by a chaplain, failed to comply with mandatory reporting laws, and neglected to follow protocols designed to monitor priests accused of misconduct.

A “Vos estis” investigation report about Hoeppner was sent to Rome in late October 2019, and in February 2020, the diocese of Crookston announced that The Vatican has ordered a further investigation of the bishop.

Oba dochodzenia prowadził abp Bernard A. Hebda z archidiecezji Saint Paul w Minneapolis.
Hoeppnerowi nie pozwolono nadzorować przypadków wykorzystywania seksualnego w swojej diecezji podczas drugiego śledztwa.

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