Mobile screens are getting bigger, bigger and better, and therefore – much longer batteries. However, more often than not, we cannot feel it on our skin, because every day we use more and more applications that consume the power of our smartphone very quickly. Find out which of them reduce the working time of the device on a single charge.


Besides developing the technology present in mobile phones, these devices perform various and very useful functions. In the past, it was only used for phone calls and sending short SMS messages. Over time, simple games, multimedia messaging technology, and less complex applications appeared on them, and after switching to touch screens, they turned into almost complete computers that could play movies, surf the Internet, and write long documents.

This continuous technological revolution also requires more and more electricity consumption, and therefore – larger and more efficient batteries. Despite the fact that they are more capacious, the life of smartphones is becoming increasingly shorter. This is because we are using more and more apps that are squeezing the last juices from the device or those that are running in the background and generate various notifications, draining the power.

Due to the increasing power consumption, external batteries called powerbanks are becoming more and more popular. However, they are often large, heavy, and inconvenient to use. Although it helps increase battery life, it is a temporary solution. A much better idea is to realize why our phones drain so quickly, i.e. to identify apps that we may not use often, but which are running in the background contributing to a smartphone’s power drain.

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Software installed on our devices can consume energy even when we are not fully using it. So let’s completely remove unnecessary items from the phone and clearly shorten the value work time on battery.

Find out which apps consume the most power on your phone. We are calling!