2020 ends, so players remember what the developer failed the most.

Riot Games, like any other developer, has its ups and downs. This year, players haven’t mentioned many unfortunate incidents, and it might seem like it was a very successful year for the creators of League of Legends.

However, the gaming community does not like everything and they have some reservations about the developer’s work. What are the specifics?

Summary of unfortunate incidents in 2020

In 2020 Riot Games has released up to 6 champions and organized many really interesting events. Despite working remotely, the set goal was achieved at the start of Season X and more than 100 new skins were released. Additionally, LoL has quite a few modifications to letters smaller or larger. However, there are aspects that have certainly let down society and cause negative feelings.

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On the Reddit thread created to collect the biggest panels of 2020, we will find some examples of bugs that the developer should avoid in the future.


The first and perhaps the most important is Seraphine. It was released on October 29, and was hugely popular with players from all over the world. All this through the promotion in social media, where the heroine has separate accounts, and through the superhero looks she got in the beginning. As we can guess, the company was accused of a “cash jump,” and soon the new heroine was hated more than Yuumi or Teemo. The story also added fuel to the fire, as the star built its stage for flight from the Scharner family covered in crystals. Thankfully, the traditions have finally changed.

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A bad match partner

Half a year ago, the Riot Games authorities in charge of LEC decided to collaborate with NEOM. It caused a lot of controversy, because it is a city in Saudi Arabia where LGBTQ people have no rights. This conflicts with the logic and values ​​announced by the developer. Although the collaboration is quickly abandoned, players often mention this unfortunate picture.

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As one player claims, every year should have a hero.200 years of experienceIn 2019, Aphelios was overrated, and in Season 10, we got Samira. Once again, ADC proved to be very powerful and wreaked havoc long after its release. In addition, Samira can jump towards targets and allies, dispersing projectiles. , CCka extends, and ultimately uses Katarina.At one point, players break records for her fastest ban, and Samira’s selection was almost a miracle.

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New items

In pre-season 2021, a new store arrives at LoL, and with it a massive reworking of nearly all items. This totally ruined the balance so far, and many of the heroes either quit playing or were OP way too. While Riot appears to be slowly returning to normal, a large portion of users are still complaining.

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While players have reservations about other things as well, like skins for example, they are in a niche and have been dominated by the aforementioned themes that are more popular and supportive. You see, there aren’t many of them and this year Riot Games is likely to be considered a hit.