The 12th edition of the Best Public Space in the Opole Voivodeship is about to begin. Awards and prizes will be awarded in two categories: public spaces and public facilities.

The competition for the best public place in Opolsky Oblast has been organized by the Opolsky Oblast Board of Directors since 2008. Its goal is to promote good development patterns of our surroundings.

Applications can be submitted by local governments of the Opolskie Voivodeship until August 30, as well as institutions or other organizations carrying out public tasks (associations, foundations, local working groups), investors or designers and professional autonomous units of architects, city planners or building engineers.

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– Last year, due to the pandemic, there was no competition, so there are certainly many new places, spaces and things to offer – says Andrzej Buła, Head of the Provinces.

This year’s competition will evaluate projects completed by June 30 of this year, related to the development of public squares, streets, parks, recreational areas, public buildings or degraded areas for public use.

According to the Opole Marshal office, the official evaluation of applications is scheduled for September, objectively (by the competition commission) – by the end of October, the final judgment of the competition and the announcement of the results will take place in November. After the initial evaluation of the applications, residents of the area will also (in October) be able to choose their preferred investment by voting online.

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