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The Poles have proven time and time again that they can make up good crime stories. Many titles were also appreciated abroad, some of which were very successful even in America. There is already a lot of Polish criminal production. What deserves special attention? what do you want to watch? check it out!

Polish crime novels They can be really good. This is one of the most popular genres in our country, which triumphs not only in literature, but also on small and large screens. Horror stories, unexplained mysteries, fighting law enforcement officers, and many more murders can keep you in suspense, plus they provide a good background to tell something more. Several Polish crime novels have also achieved international success. Platforms like Netflix or HBO have decided to show our home productions in Spain, the US and even the UK. There are many good titles, so there are plenty to choose from. In today’s list you will find only the best ones that will keep you in check until the last minutes. We’re curious if you’ve seen them all.

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