Author: Netflix press material

Good soap operas aren’t just from Hollywood. And while most of the titles are produced in America and Great Britain, there are plenty of genius productions from other parts of the world. We have prepared for you some of the best deals from Germany, France, Italy and even Poland and Sweden! This series is really worth watching!

The best non-English series on Netflix, HBO and Viaplay. Which ones are worth seeing? Every year there are a huge number of series that we can watch not only on television, but also (and perhaps above all!) on streaming platforms. The most famous services in Poland and the world are Netflix and HBO. The broadcasting giants make sure that there is practically an update every month and that they constantly update their library. It’s no secret that most of the most popular and highest-rated series are English-language titles. However, in recent years, we often get to the cinema from another corner of the world, for example from Spain and Korea. We decided to choose the best gems of non-English series, which will not lack strong Italian crime novels, mysterious French heroes and engaging Polish stories. Do you know what titles are?

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