led NASA CNEOS website It is constantly updated List of so-called near-Earth asteroids, that is, things that pass close to our planet. One of the earliest events of this kind is the encounter with asteroid 7335, also known by the temporary designation 1989 ja.

This property was discovered on May 1, 1989. This was done by Eleanor Helen at Palomar Observatory, USA. The orbit of the body is well known. In the year of its discovery, it was close to our planet, and then flew in 1996 and 2015, but it was much further away. Convergence this year will be closer than it was in 1989.

The body will pass us at a relative speed of 13.12 km / s, which is more than 47,000 kilometers per hour. smallest The distance will be about 4 million km, Which is just over 10 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon. Scientists are confident in their calculations with an accuracy of 153 km only so that we can sleep peacefully – We are not in danger of collisionReassure astronomers.

Size estimates refer to Diameter 1.8 kmalthough more recent calculations make the scale of – They say its value reaches about one kilometer. Radar observations showed that the rotation period was 12 hours. The body is a Class S asteroid, or rocky, made of silicate materials (one of the most common types of asteroids).

NASA operates a website where you can track the distribution of the most interesting asteroids in the solar system. Object 7335, its orbit and current position can be checked on the NASA website.

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