The hypothesis that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has taken center stage in the international hierarchy since Russia’s attack on Ukraine is becoming clear.

By the way, the alliance formed in 1949 is not only older than the European Union (1992), but also its predecessors, starting with the European Coal and Steel Community (1952). One of the pillars of NATO from the beginning was and remains the United Kingdom, which appeared only in the economic communities in the years 1973-2020. Therefore, in the current international situation, British stability is objectively beneficial to Europe.

The irony is that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is doing better abroad than at home. He won an internal vote by the Conservative Party in a vote of no confidence. The reason is that the parties, also with his participation, took place at 10 Downing Street during the 2020-21 COVID restrictions. As a result, Boris Johnson was commissioned by the police as the first head of government in the empire’s history. At the moment, he defended himself, winning by 211:148 in the 359 vote, so 32 deputies failed to disqualify him by 180 votes. The party regulations state that he now lives in peace for 12 months, but this is not certain. If it will last that long. Despite his good looks, he is aware that his result is much weaker than expected – he calculated that no more than a hundred deputies would oppose the continuation of his presidency.

In Great Britain, it is considered a failure if the prime minister comes up with the party’s calculations. Theresa May also won a confidence vote, beating out Boris Johnson, but resigned soon after. Margaret Thatcher retired under similar circumstances. At the moment, a very favorable circumstance for the Prime Minister is the lack of a clear candidate in the Conservative Party to replace him and to win the House of Commons elections in May 2024. However, politics does not recognize a vacuum…

Boris Johnson dealt with this stray umbrella (photo from 2021), but the party’s vote of confidence vote turned out to be more leaky than the prime minister expected.

Pool / Reuters / Forum

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