The garage on Barlachstrasse was raged shortly before midnight on Thursday. Investigate the cause of the fire.

A fire suddenly broke out in a garage complex in Heiligenstadt, Germany (Thuringia). And the witnesses who saw the flames erupting from one of the garages raised the alarm. The man who called the guards is a Polish 31-year-old. When the firefighters arrived, the Polish was badly burned. He was trying to save a man in a burning garage. According to the media, he may have known this person. When the firefighters put out the fire, they made a terrible discovery: a 26-year-old died under the charred rubble.

Police spokeswoman Franz Töpfer said the garage appeared to be storing large amounts of oil and gasoline. The exact background to the events is not yet clear. The victim is a 26-year-old man from Leinefelde. The investigation is ongoing.

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