Tesla’s new holiday update will finally give people the ability to use the new Boombox mode, which can broadcast custom audio outside of the vehicle (hence the name). As common with Tesla’s new features, the Boombox combines real benefit with low-key humor: owners can use fart and goat sounds in place of the regular and boring honking sounds that car horns usually make.

The mode has been rolled out with a number of other updates as part of Tesla’s Firmware update 2020.48.26, Which is something Tesla fans eagerly anticipated. In the new mode, which can be seen in the timestamped section in the video below, many voices are available to Tesla owners through the Toybox section that they can use in place of the regular horn: goat sound, clap, a little ‘tada’, a fancy speaking person, and of course a fart.

While Tesla owners were able to Create fart sounds inside the car For quite some time, Boombox mode allowed people of more modern models to use the built-in loudspeaker that blows out the sound for poor unsuspecting people outside of the car. Tesla cars manufactured after September 1, 2019 have a built-in speaker. Speakers were added because the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “required electric vehicles that were silent to cancel out some noise to alert pedestrians,” to me Teslarate. Below is a description of what Boombox mode does. Thanks to Teslarate:

Turn your car into a bum box and enjoy crowd entertainment with the parking media player. You can also customize the sound your car makes when you hit the horn, drive the car, or when your car is moving with Summon. Choose an option from the drop-down menu or insert your USB device and save up to five custom sounds.

Fart isn’t just limited to honking. An update to Tesla’s “emissions test mode”, which is code for the fart sequence, means cars can now fart at any time, and people outside won’t be able to escape the sounds. Teslarate Add:

The emissions test mode can be used outside the vehicle. For setup, select the sound you want and place the pad on the loudspeaker. When ready, play the marked sound by pressing the left scroll wheel button or with the turn signal. To access, tap App Launcher> Toybox> Emission Test Mode.

Besides being able to wind, people can also use Tesla’s Boombox feature to harass the neighbors in other ways. For example, a Tesla can now make the same sound as an ice cream truck, based on the video above. So, if someone wants to play a cruel joke on the kids this summer, just drive around the neighborhood playing a fun song that gets kids thinking about ice cream cones and sundae.

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The ability to upload five tracks also means people can drive their Tesla cars around town with whatever sound they want, apparently. When someone asked Tesla CEO Elon Musk if they could drive their car to the Ludacris classic of the 2000s classic, “Move Bitch,” Musk indicated the custom download option.

There are a lot of other additions that came with this year’s holiday update. Car owners can access three new games – Battle of Politopia, Cat Quest, And the Solitaire – They can play while standing. Ultra display optimizations and scheduled departure optimizations are also included in the firmware update. A full list of updates can be read Reddit.

Maybe this is the holiday spirit inside of me, but letting your car wind properly is so beautiful. It’s like something that was pulled straight out of partner – Better than in!