From now on, we will be shipping non-Tesla brand cars on select superchargers in Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg. From now on, the list of European countries where the infrastructure of the American operator can be used includes eleven items. There were eight of them as of yesterday: Austria, Belgium, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Tesla superchargers are available wherever there are plenty of them

Tesla does not boast the key with which it opens its superchargers to car owners of other brands. However, it appears to provide sites with excess capacity. For example, in Germany there are surprisingly few of them, they are somewhat visible in the south of the country. There is only one city in the former German Democratic Republic, Plauen (No. 12 on the far right):

The Swiss say their country has also chosen less portable superchargers, some only with V2 (2nd generation) terminals, that is, supporting power up to 120-150 kW. For cars of many brands, this is quite a lot, while a completely new Tesla can accelerate to more than 150 kW, sometimes – up to 250 kW. Interestingly, the new locations can be seen in the mobile application, but they are not yet available on the online player map (compare images 1 and 2, as at 22:19, 06/16/2022):

To use Tesla Super Charger without Tesla-Install the operator’s mobile application (Android over hereiOS over here), select an option Charge a vehicle other than a Teslafind the desired location on the map, connect the plug to the car, select the position from the application (eg 1A, 1B etc.) and click the button start. Be prepared to provide your credit card details.

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Stream Shipping rates We can read directly from the app. The numbers presented now show that Tesla owners will pay the same amount or a little more (say €0.01 more) than Tesla owners who pay for power renewal.

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