Two teenage friends died after drowning 100 feet from a secluded waterfall as they went to take selfies.

Monique Medeiros, 19, died while paramedics tried to resuscitate her after Bruna Velasquez, 18, was announced dead at the scene when rescuers arrived.

The couple were killed after falling together from the towering waterfall.

One teenager slipped while she was walking near the top of the waterfall, prompting the other to help her before she lost her balance.

Monique was taken by stretcher to a helicopter that landed nearby so that emergency treatment could be carried out.

The girl’s death was announced before her arrival at the hospital.

Both friends fell to their death

The women were buried on Monday afternoon in their homeland of Lages, in the southern state of Santa Catarina.

And they posted pictures of the scene moments before it happened on social media.

Today the husband was praised by friends and well-wishers.

Bruna died at the scene
Bruna died at the scene

Monique later died in hospital
Monique later died in hospital

Speaking of Bruna, who was due to celebrate her nineteenth birthday on September 28, one of her friends said: “Very beautiful and young.

“Please, God console the hearts of your family.”

Dmitry Arruda, the owner of the hamburger restaurant where Monique used to work while studying to be a nurse, told local media: “I started as a cashier before she started working with me in her management.

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Bruna and Monique together over the waterfall
The group of friends posted photos from the top of the waterfall

“She got sick and helped me a lot and basically had to run the business on her own.”

Friends said the dead were “inseparable.”

The waterfall can only be reached in the Salto Caveras in the municipality of Lajis via footpaths and Monique was taken to hospital by helicopter.

Emergency responders who helped with the rescue said that the place where the teens lost their lives was off-limits to visitors, but locals often flock to the area due to its natural beauty.