The necessary certificate, called a green certificate in Israel, is a document that proves that a person has been vaccinated against COVID-19, has recovered, or has tested negative for coronavirus.

Absenteeism from work without an excuse

The ministry announced that the absence of a green certificate will be considered the reason for absenteeism from work without excuse and will not allow distance learning, and therefore teachers will not receive fees for periods of absence from work.

A green certificate is required from teachers from September 2, i.e. from the beginning of the academic year. But even now, people who didn’t have a salary are still getting paid, The Times of Israel explains.

The solution to working remotely?

The president of the High School Teachers Association, Ran Erez, said in a TV interview that while he supports certification, he is against withdrawing teachers’ earnings through remote work.

Erez suggests allowing unaccredited teachers anyway to conduct certain activities remotely, such as one-to-one lessons for isolated students.

As of September 1, all preschoolers and pupils are required to submit a parent statement to their schools confirming that they have screened their children at home and that the results indicate that they are not infected.

Children with a positive antigen test result are referred to an additional, more accurate PCR test for coronavirus.

Parents of all children not vaccinated against Covid-19 in Israel are encouraged to take a free, rapid antigen test at home.

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