We invite you to participate in the fourteenth major competition. The world’s best independent short films, we are hosting the festival in Chizu for the eighth time. On March 13th, at the Culture and Art Center, you will be able to see the most interesting independent productions from all over the world. As always, there will be screenings only for films awarded in the following categories: screenplay, directing, cinematography, editing, web design, actor, actress, fiction, documentary, animation and Polish films.

14. The World’s Grand of Independent Short Film Festival – screening of award-winning films
March 13, 2021 4pm
CKiS Hall
free entry

Please be prepared for a big dose of cinema, there are nearly 4 of us waiting for and? Hours of projection.
The selection of the best films has been determined by an international jury of dozens of film experts, theorists, directors, cinematographers, editors and actors, and all award-winning films will be featured on Tczew.
We invite you!


[14’59] 2019
Director / Director: Christina Tornatzis
Germany / Germany
71 refugees from the Middle East suffocated to death while being transported illegally from Hungary to Germany. The truck driver faces a dilemma – he hears people screaming and begging for help, but he’s ordered to end transportation at all costs. Story based on facts.
[30’00] 2020
Director / Director: Stefan Langthaler
Austria / Austria
Arthur, 80, lives in a modest house in Vienna. For a long time, he lovingly cared for his seriously ill wife Marta, who only nurses helped him. When the new nurse Fabio arrives home, Arthur’s routine is broken. Soon men converge, and the eldest of them grows up with pent-up longing and longing.

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The hidden beast
[29’55] 2019
Reżyser / Director: Javier Fesser Perez de Petinto, Guillermo Fesser Perez De Petinto
Spain / Spain
Amenodin’s father always smiles as he claims that happy people live longer. 8-year-old Aminodin adheres to this principle while working on the landfill where he lives with his family.

Bonbon Das Music
[19’24] 2019
Director / Director: Daniel Mayer
Germany / Germany
When Jussel Meyer, the young model of the popular candy brand, chokes on his candy choking on, a new cast is announced to find another commercial face. Patricia, Josel’s ex-nanny, wants to prevent his successor from appearing at all costs.
[29’58] 2019
Director / Director: Janice Alexander Kiefer
Germany / Germany
The Emperor’s New Clothes in a Modern Edition.
The film is a transfer of the plot of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales into the reality of the 21st century. It is a miserable but colorful tale of power and hierarchy.

an actress
Something to tears
[25’23] 2019
Reżyser / Director: Clémence Poésy
France / France
Florence is an actress. Preparing for her new role will present challenges she would never have anticipated.
the actor
the guard
[32’51] 2019
Director / Director: Albin Wildner
Austria / Austria
After losing a long-term position in a company, Raphael was forced to work as a night security guard. He also recently returned to his mother who is being looked after by a dedicated Ukrainian nurse Vera. Thanks to her support, Raphael is learning to adapt to her new life.

a story
[21’48] 2018
Director / Director: Lee Gillet
Lea is forcing her little sister Pattaya to confront her father – Zviki – mental illness for the first time in a very long time. Fed up with the submissive life of her father’s illness and the responsibility to look after him, she decides to change her status. Zviki refuses to enter the hospital, forcing the two girls to spend the entire day together. They close and turn away from each other and from their beloved and sick father.

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The girl with the blue eyes
[15’17] 2020
Director / Director: Ali Reza Meraasad Allah
United Kingdom / United Kingdom
An Phouc is an 11-year-old girl from Vietnam. Her big, light blue eyes attracted many photographers from all over the world, but Ann Fook and her family nonetheless suffered from poverty and racism.
Butterflies in Berlin
[29’55] 2019
Director / Director: Monica Manganelli
Germany / Germany
Alex moves to Berlin in 1933. He searches for his place in the world and his gender identity, and becomes the first transgender in history to undergo surgery. Unfortunately, this is happening at the time of the birth of National Socialism and the social divide that has transformed sexual freedom into a cause of oppression.

Polish movie
[20’06] 2019
Director / Director: Grzegorz Krawiec
Polska / Poland
The train stops in the middle of nowhere because a woman has pounced on it. It’s summer, so while the police wait, the passengers get out and start a walk nearby, a few meters from the corpse. People are angry at the train station more than they are at the death of the girl. But who or what is the real cause of her death?

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