Tan France, fashion designer and Netflix star, has had a baby. Together with their partner Rob, they will raise a son named Ismail.

Tan and Rob France have been married since 2007. The former is a television personality and fashion designer. Born in Yorkshire, UK, he is of Pakistani origin. His wife, Rob, is an American painter who designs graphics. They became famous after Tan became one of five hosts of the remake of “Queer Eye”, where a group of heterosexual men transform while traveling across the United States.

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Recently, Tan France announced the arrival of a new family member on his Instagram profile. The couple, enlisting the services of a surrogate, had a son, whom they named Ismaly. Earlier this year, the couple announced that they were expecting a baby by posting a photo with an ultrasound scan.

Ismaili was born on July 10, and as Tan wrote:

A warm welcome to our son. He was born seven weeks earlier than expected, so he spent the last three weeks in neonatal intensive care. But today we were finally able to take him home. We love him so much our surrogate is fine after giving birth and we are so grateful for the greatest gift of our lives.

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The photo on Tan’s profile got nearly 2 million likes
And congratulations to, among others, model Gigi Hadid or friends from the “Queer Eye” show.