Seminal 80s band Talk Talk have released the new compilation album Natural Order on the back of last year’s album re-releases.

Natural Order is a companion piece to ‘Natural History – The Very Best Of Talk Talk’.  Representing the ‘other’ side of Talk Talk (in comparison to the more commercial tracks on the ‘Natural History’ CD & DVD), it is the first career-spanning compilation to include tracks from the Verve/Polydor era ‘LaughingStock’.

Mark Hollis has personally curated the tracklisting, running order, mastering and artwork.

Talk Talk were formed in north London in 1981 by Mark Hollis with bassist Paul Webb, drummer Lee Harris, and keyboardist Simon Brenner (later replaced by Tim Friese-Greene, which also signalled the end of their early electronic sound). They were one of the most consistent, creative and influential band’s of the 1980s, being name-checked by each new generation of musicians.

Natural Order tracklist:

1.      Have You Heard The News
2.      Renee

Talk Talk natural order best of compilation

Talk Talk Talk

4.      Chameleon Day
5.      April 5th
6.      Wealth
7.      John Cope
8.      Eden
9.      After the Flood (Outtake)
10.      Taphead