Grand Theft Auto V – mainly thanks to its multiplayer section – has gained some kind of immortality. Developers still receive royalties, which determine how much money the old game generates. On the one hand, it may seem annoying to many, but on the other hand … If you have achieved such a great blow, then there is nothing wrong with withdrawing a little from the specified salary.

Recently, Strauss Zelnick signed a contract extension that makes him CEO of Take-Two until at least 2029. Very interesting – and perhaps controversial for many – the amount of its reward depends on the amount of income that will be generated through small payments in studio games. If they cross a certain threshold, the CEO will earn millions of dollars in stock bonuses. It’s worth noting here that with brands like Gran Theft Auto or NBA 2K in your box, you don’t have to worry about that.

However, there were significant concerns that the increasing reliance of a certain portion of earnings on this element could lead to an increased focus on the downward inclusion of as much content as possible in games. After all, we’re talking about getting players to buy additional content, in-game items, and virtual currency. As if that wasn’t enough, There is also mention of NFT.

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