Taiwan’s President Kag Ing-wen said during a meeting with an “unofficial delegation” sent by the Joe Biden administration that China’s actions undermine the status quo in the Indo-Pacific region and threaten security. In response, the president heard assurances of the US commitment to deepening partnership and cooperation with Taiwan.

On Thursday, President Cag Ing-Win met former Senator Christopher Dodd, former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage and James Steinberg. “ China has repeatedly sent planes and ships to maneuver in the waters and airspace around Taiwan, ” Kaag said at the meeting, adding, “ These measures undermine the status quo in the Indian and Pacific Oceans and threaten security and stability in the region. Area.

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Taiwan actively supports the international community. The President stressed our readiness to cooperate with like-minded countries, including the United States, in order to jointly protect peace in the Indo-Pacific region, and to stop aggression and provocations.

The American delegation in TaipeiReuters

Thus the Taiwanese leader pointed to the recent increasingly intense raids of the People’s Republic of China military aircraft in the Taiwan Air Defense Defining Area (ADIZ) and the Chinese naval exercises in the vicinity of Taiwan.

And she stressed that since Joe Biden began his term, US-Taiwan relations have developed and are, as US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said, “very solid.” Kaag also referred to new guidelines recently announced by the United States, which allowed US officials to meet more freely with the Taiwan side, and the signing of the Cooperation Agreement (MOU) of the Coast Guard Working Group by the two countries in March.

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Former Senator Christopher Dodd meets Cage Ing-wonANN WANG / PAP / EPA

You will find a trusted and reliable friend in Biden.

The President also raised the issue of cooperation in the following aspects: combating disinformation, security of supply chains and the 5G network. Kaag noted that talks should resume on the framework of a trade and investment agreement between the United States and Taiwan.

“You will find a reliable and trusted friend in President Biden,” Senator Dodd said during the interview. A: I am convinced that the administration will help expand the international presence (of Taiwan – liberated) and support its investment in self-defense. The Biden administration will also continue its efforts to deepen the already strong economic ties.

“We are here today as a multi-party delegation at the request of my old friend Joe Biden, to reaffirm the US commitment to partnership and to deepen our cooperation on many common interests,” Dodd said.

The delegation also met with Prime Minister Su Zeng-chang, Head of the Foreign Ministry Joseph Wu and members of parliament. The main topics of the talks were security, relations in the Taiwan Strait and economic cooperation.

Jim Steinberg, I’m Cage Ing-wonANN WANG / PAP / EPA

China announces the start of the exercises

On Wednesday after the delegation landed, China announced the start of the naval exercisesWhich is expected to last 6 days. The exercises are taking place in the vicinity of the Taiwan-controlled Dongsha (Pratas) Islands. This is where the Chinese Air Force violates the ADIZ most often.

According to information provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, from the beginning of this year until March 12, the People’s Republic of China made 249 flights in violation of the Taiwanese ADIZ. Most of these incursions were carried out using fighters.

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China and Taiwan PAP / Adam Ziemienowicz

Main Image Source: ANN WANG / PAP / EPA