Events from the series Eid series They have that news about them comes out of the blue. Just “boom” and it is! It was no different this time – information that on the weekend of June 4-5 in Kudowa-Zdrój, the Polish series will be discontinued – Polska Festival Courses, appeared online for bikes only on Thursday, June 2nd. We managed to catch up Simon Judjic To have a quick chat about the event. The event host told us what’s going to happen in Kodwa and we can really promise you that if the weather is good, we’ll have a very interesting weekend!

Maciej Świerz: Szymon tell me what’s going on in Kodwa?!

Simon Godzik: On Leaps Built by Nico Fink Records old world movie We are organizing a Fest Series event with the city of Kudowa-Zdrój. We called the event Fest Sessions Polska and it is the second such event after Fest Sessions Malmedy in Belgium last year. Freeriders from all over the world come here. We travel, we record, and in addition we have a public day. We invite all two-wheelers fans to come to it, so that they can feel the atmosphere of the place alive.

How did you happen to become a Fest Series event organizer?

I live two hours from the site built in Kodwa, so I can keep track of it. It can be said that we embraced the whole “family” thing. Nico Fink Send to the place Alois Dadamowhich together with Marcin RootFor a month prepare a jump. Everything went well, the forecast for Sunday is very good, so we are preparing for an epic media day.

The Fest Series is an extreme but “family” series of events.

© Bartik Wolinsky

Is Fest Sessions Polska a competition or a “loose” jam?

Our party is 100% jam. We do not organize prizes and contests, because we want to focus on producing the best content and optimizing the time spent on Cossack Leaps for a week. We decided to organize a public day and bring the big air to a wider audience. on Sunday Everyone will be able to come to the venue and stay for the sessions on the hop and concert. Of course, admission will be absolutely free.

Who will attend the event and what was the choice?

The choice was that I invited my friends with whom I go to major weather events to the seat. Nico Fink is here with all his team, there’s Vero Sandler and people from Great Britain, girls from New Zealand, we have riders from all over the world. People have come to us who have just realized our hopes. In my opinion, such a beautiful font cannot be found anywhere else in the world. We have already started driving and they are all very excited. Everything works perfectly. I didn’t think it would be this good!

A specific representation of girls appeared at Fest Session Poland!

© Bartik Wolinsky

What are the obstacles that have been prepared for the festival?

We have a big line at our disposal, with the shark’s fin, open and out, hip to the right, long and low and a very big last jump. The entire flight takes about 40 seconds. We also have a second line that is smaller but more technical. It is interesting that all the obstacles were set up “double”. In some places, riders jump over each other when crossing the tracks. The view is amazing. In addition, we built another jump beside it, which is a huge thigh to the right.

How long have you been preparing the line for the party?

The entire team of diggers was responsible for preparing the jump. I tried to help the players, but I also had to focus on training and organizational matters, so Marcin Root and Alois D’Adamo took over the construction. For three weeks, they covered the entire line with two machines, a Przymek Abramovich He was pulling soil from the bottom of the road over all obstacles. In general, there were a lot of stones on the line so far, but now everything is perfectly drilled and smoothed and works better than I could have imagined.

Are these jumps able to jump “mere mortals”?

No definitely not. The raid speeds are really specific, the flights are just huge. You have to be a very experienced pilot so as not to hurt yourself here. On the first day we had solid ground and I immediately understood that in order to try to jump over such huge obstacles you have to ride at a very high level.

These aren’t collars for “mere mortals.”

© Bartik Wolinsky

How many Polish knights will participate in this event?

Apart from me, there will also be my brother David, who will visit us after the festival in Kalnica, and of course Marcin Root, who has been in all the big weather events for several years. The turn is really well positioned on this road. GREAT KICKS AND GREAT RIDES – Shows boys and girls what they all should look like. We have a really good representation!

What will this event be for you and the cycling scene in Poland?

I think it would be a huge step forward, because something like this had never happened in Poland before. Such free flights at full speed are real big planes. Bicycles behave completely differently with such obstacles.

When and where will you be able to watch the riders in action?

We are planning a public day for Sunday. There will be the first session from 9 am to 11 am and the second in the evening. Maybe it’s best to come to us in the afternoon to see how we drive, eat grilled sausages, and take part in other “camping spots”. (Laughter)

* The course of the event depends on the weather and is subject to change!

Watch The Old World and remember what giant jumps look like:

1 hour and 9 minutes

old world

Dawid and Szymon Godziek on an epic journey across Europe with bikes in the main roles.