Içinik has many partner cities in Western Europe, but the relationships – let’s call it diplomatic – have forged with countries far away.

Collaboration with Neustrelitz in the former German Democratic Republic and Noyelles sous Lens from France comes from the time of the People’s Republic of Poland. While contacts with these first cities were normal at the time, Poland and the GDR were in ruins, but not necessarily a friendly French city. But it was a strong Polish diaspora decision found in the former mining region of northern France and a strong left, and even communist traditions in the vicinity.

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After political changes, Szczecinek established cooperation with Dutch Bergen op Zoom, and in the 21st century with Swedish Söderhamn.

Aside from the Swedes, with whom the cooperation works – with the exception of a few bilateral visits by officials – only on paper, it has quite a lively exchange with other cities in Szcienk. Not only are municipal tourism and official delegation visits, but there are also sporting and cultural trips. The Dutch are in the lead.

In recent years, however, both chenik and Szczecin poviat have attempted, with mixed results, to establish economic contacts with China and Belarus. A delegation from Szczecink went to Foshan in the Canton of China. There was even a visit to Trzesieckie. In return, Starosti organized cooperation with the Belarusian province of Smorgonie.

Also noteworthy are the courtesy visits of the Ambassadors of the United States, Armenia and Denmark. The Danish diplomat opened the Tvilum furniture factory in Szczecinek, and the Armenian was a guest at the jubilee celebration of the presence of his countrymen in Poland (there is a large Armenian diaspora in Szczecinek).

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