Magdalena Froche won the second set 6:1 over Yuriko Miyazaki. The problem was that it was the only match won by a Polish woman, who left the tournament in Nottingham in the first round.

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Magdalena Froch

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Magdalena Froch was the third Pole to play on the grass in Nottingham on Tuesday. Earlier, there was a confrontation between the countrymen, in which Magda defeated Lynette Katarzina Kawa. Fręch’s opponent was Yoriko Miyazaki, who represented Great Britain for two years.

Fręch tried to break the streak three defeats. She withdrew from the Roland Garros tournament after a great match with Andżelika Kerber. From France, she moved to the Croatian Makarska, where she managed to win only one match against Elisabetta Cocciareto.

In the first set in Nottingham, the opening match was the longest, in which Frosch lost her assists. Bulka managed to smash the Briton, but that didn’t help much, because the breakthrough in the seventh game was impossible to make up for. Miyazaki won by 6:4, immediately using the first ball.

Fręch hit back at her opponent in the second set, which finished less than half an hour later with a 6:1 score for the Polish women. Only in the penultimate match did Miyazaki save her honor, but she had to postpone her plan to defeat the Polish woman in the decisive third match.

The power buildup turned out to be a good answer to the tournament hosts’ hopes. The qualifier won five straight matches of 1:1 and this time won 6:1. Thus, Yuriko Miyazaki eliminated Fręch from the battle for victory in Nottingham and extended the losing streak to four.

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Rothesay Open Nottingham, Nottingham (UK)
WTA 250, grass field, total prize money of 251.7 thousand. dollar
Tuesday 7 June

Individual first round:

Yoriko Miyazaki (Great Britain) – Magdalena Froch (Poland) 6:4, 1-1, 6:1

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