After four consecutive rounds on Polish soil and the start of the entire course in Prague, Grand Prix speed course leader Bartosz Smárzlik was the defending champion with 101 points. Immediately behind him, the Russian Artiom Łaguta has only one point lower. It was the battle of these two that warmed up black sports fans during the last four tournaments.

The ambition and will to fight certainly cannot be excluded from the chase of the two, Fredrik Lindgren (80 points), Emil Sajvutdino (79) and Maciej Janowski (72). It should be noted, however, that the three of them experienced slightly weaker competitions. It was difficult for Yanovsky to find himself on the track in Lublin, which led to a significant drop in the rating.

However, the transfer of competition to foreign tracks may confuse the current rating. The next competition will be held at the racetrack in Melilla, Sweden. Here, the host will be the aforementioned Lindgren, who won the competition in 2019 by defeating the most dangerous of the current competitors. aguta finished fourth at the time, and Zmerzlik was only seventh.

The Swede on the track in Melilla in general has a good performance. Previously, he was in the top three, so his countrymen are counting on a good show. It’s worth noting that apart from Lindgren, Oliver Berntzon and Pontus Aspgren will also be in the Saturday Tour field. We found out what a wild card player can achieve during tournaments in Lublin thanks to Dominik Kubera.

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Looking more broadly at the track starts at Mallilla for the best slag racers in the Grand Prix, it must be admitted that both Lindgren and Berntzon usually present themselves very well here. For Janowski, it’s kind of a second track on his turf, and Łaguta and Zmarzlik can go great everywhere. So it is difficult to clearly indicate the favorite in Saturday’s competition. There will certainly be no shortage of feelings, and the results may be determined by the disposition of the day or the weather. The latter can create chaos in Sweden.

The substitutes are Kim Nelson and Joel Anderson, and the referee is Artur Commers.

The seventh round of the Grand Prix is ​​scheduled to start at 19.30. Live coverage and score on

It will host the next rounds: Russia’s Togliatti (August 28), Denmark’s Foyn (September 11) and Toro (1 and 2 October), where the Grand Final will be held.