“In line with practice, a coalition government should step down if one of the parties decides to leave,” Anderson told a news conference.

The politician announced that she was ready Formation of a one-party governmentComposed entirely of Social Democrats. For this reason, the procedure for seeking support in Parliament must be reinstated, and the candidate for prime minister must win the confidence vote again. The Speaker of the House of Representatives, whose role is to choose a politician who has a chance to approve it, is scheduled to issue a statement on the issue on Thursday.

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Sweden. The new prime minister resigned

Sweden’s former finance minister, Magdalena Andersson (Worker Party-Social Democrats), was the first woman in the country’s history to take over as prime minister on Wednesday. One vote prevailed over her choice.

On the same day a few hours later It turned out that the joint budget of the opposition formations won the majority of votes in the House of Representatives: The centre-right moderate coalition party, the right-wing Swedish Democrats and the Christian Democrats. The minority government proposal has been lost.


Right budget includes, among other things, Reducing the tax on gasoline, this sparked opposition from the Green Party, who said they were leaving the government because they “could not implement measures contrary to their policy”.