In the current situation, where some teaching is conducted remotely, online and at home, creative use of this situation can make learning more effective. Acquiring new knowledge is currently difficult and devoid of many factors that, until recently, motivated the learning of new things.. In the article below, we will provide you with some reliable methods for self-study at home. We invite you to read!

How to effectively learn at home?

Group classes, healthy competition with others, effort in attending extracurricular activities, school or studies were the motives that certainly led some people to annoy the teaching process. In addition, the physical presence of others and a sense of well-being better than most people in epidemic isolation also helped to separate housework from study. For many people, staying home nearly all of the time causes low mood, trouble concentrating, and difficulties separating free time from time that should be spent on assignments (including studying). The presence of distractions, other family members, pets, or your favorite games and series on the Internet certainly does not help learning effectively. How do you use office supplies in this case?

Note paper

The many ways to creatively use sticky notes in your learning are opportunities worth exploring. why?

  • Description of items – When learning a foreign language, the use of sticky notes to mark everyday things is much appreciated. Then we learn even while hustling around the house or while preparing a meal in the kitchen. This requires us to constantly process words, which certainly (especially for people with a visual memory) helps to remember without much effort.
  • Thanks to sticky notes, it is possible to distinguish and describe the important parts When we want to circle some parts in a book, we usually reach for a pencil or colored pencil. The downside to this solution is writing on a book and notes, which permanently destroys them. Some people, as a rule, do not do this. It also makes it difficult to sell textbooks or books in the future. Protruding pages from folders, according to the principle of tabs, tell us what is inside. In addition, we can write on the cards, so that we have the opportunity to read the brief ideas that we wrote for the selected page.
  • Sticky notes make it easy for us to quickly find a part in booksThe task or to which we must return. Thanks to this, we don’t have to go through the table of contents again or go through the directory for “that” part.
  • flashcards – Create a so-called flashcard, i.e. write a concept we want to learn on one side of the card, and define it on the other side. It is a way to learn quickly and is very much appreciated by many pupils and students.
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magnetic desk clips

If we want to use and display notes, or create mind maps or ‘to-do’ lists, they need to be placed in a clearly visible place. A great solution is to use magnetic desk clips which, when in contact with smooth surfaces, allow notes to be attached without leaving any traces. It is enough to touch the magnetic clip with a smooth surface, such as glass, cabinet, or put it on the door. Put back items wherever you want!

Workbook with shirts

The workbook can be called a better version of the folder. When we put the papers in a traditional bag, we can’t see them freely. To find out what’s inside, we have to open the bag and take out all its contents, causing a mess. When studying at home, we often use ready-made worksheets, which, when filled out, are a great revision material for tests and exams. A4 folder with transparent document covers will create the perfect duo that will not only allow you to quickly organize your current knowledge, but also make it easier to keep all your documents in an aesthetic order.

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