We love visiting the studios of fashion designers. reasons? Beautiful fabrics, patterns and pillows with pins and artistic spirit float in the air. Today we visit Kolejowa 47b in Warsaw. there he is Marius Przybylski operator.

In the studio of Mariusz Przybylski

I chose this space for two reasons: first of all, to be close to my clients and to keep all phases of my business in one place. I really wanted the studio to be there
In neutral colours. He explains that stronger color accents appear in details such as textiles Marius Przybylsky.

This assumption became the starting point for further plans. specialists from West Wing. The whole was divided into three regions. The first of them contains the offices of Marius and his companions. This is where the initial drawings are made, and this is where the day-to-day work on the computer takes place. There’s also storage in the form of a large wood chest of drawers from Louis. The second is the space centered around the comfy mustard Moby sofa, which allows you to get a closer look at the moving designs on the models. The third area of ​​the studio is for teamwork – there’s a large wooden table there – an artifact that Marius hunts. Plush Tess chairs in shades of grey.

In the studio of ROSA Chains

There is also a showroom next to the studio. It also reflects the brand’s DNA – which is why we’ve incorporated the extremes here. There’s plenty of terrazzo, gold accents in the shape of lamps, as well as heavy black structures like hangers and comfy plush armchairs. For me, all this creates a coherent, but still eclectic concept – says the designer. We liked Terrazzo the most.

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