The second part of the Scholarship Award Ceremony from the City and Municipality of Blissio is behind us. On Thursday, October 14, 2021, the awards were received by students from “Trójka” and from schools in Lenartowice and Taczanów-Drugie.

For safety reasons related to Covid-19, the concert was split into two rounds. On October 13, students were awarded a scholarship: ZSP No. 1 and 2 in Pleszew, ZSP in Kowalewo, Primary School in Kuczków, Primary School in Sowina Błotna and High School in Pleszew. On Thursday, children and youth from “Trójka” and schools from Lenartowice and Taczanów Drugi were honored. In total, 371 students received the award. The scholarship recipients have been congratulated by School Principals and Mayor Arkadiusz Ptak, Deputy Mayor Izabela Świątek, Deputy Mayor Andrzej Jędruszek and City Council President Adela Grala-Kałużna.

I am honored that we can host the most talented young people from the city and municipality of Blissio, those who have dealt best with distance learning in this difficult period of the pandemic – Arkadiusz Ptak said. – We started with a group of about 100 people. Every year, the scholarship gains more and more students. This year we have a record result – 371 students. You must remember one thing. Evaluation is a very important thing, but there are also competencies that are acquired not only in school, but also in extracurricular activities, in relations with peers. Data from Oxford University shows that in 20 years there will be no more than 40% of current occupations. 60% of you will work in professions that have not yet been established. This shows the magnitude of the changes awaiting us. You have to prepare for it, and we are here to create the best conditions for you – confirmed.

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