An annual event, one of the elements of the celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday, will soon be held in Great Britain. During the military parade, members of the royal family, with the birthday girl on top, watched the parade and the flying of planes from the famous balcony. It turns out that the Queen’s granddaughter and his family will be lost this time.

A few weeks ago, the media heard the news of Prince Harry’s reconciliation with Queen Elizabeth II. As reported in British newspapers, the grandson had to promise his grandmother that he and his family would visit her during her birthday celebration. This event is scheduled for June, so the first details of the celebration have already been reported. As it turns out, Prince Harry and his wife will appear with their children at the party, but this time we won’t see them on the famous balcony.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle do not stand by the Queen?

British media reported that two years after the epidemic reality, the famous congratulations on the balcony during the celebration of Queen’s Day will return again. In recent years, the moment almost the entire royal family appears on the balcony and takes pictures has been a special moment when you can capture all the royals in one photo. Of course, this is carefully planned and who is on whose side it is never a matter of chance. This time, the paparazzi will not have much, because there will be, among other things, Prince Harry and his family.

There are already rumors among the British about the reason for this decision. However, it is alleged not to be about the family’s “black sheep” exclusion – namely Harry mentioned above and of course Prince Andrew, who was separated directly from the Queen for several months – but rather about the Queen’s decision that members who are in her official functions. Like it or not – the above will come true anyway, and by the way, Eugenia and Beatrice will not appear with their husbands next to the Queen.

Well, looks like royal fans won’t see it complete this time around.

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Photo: Rex East News Feature