Get up, the person meows and eat as much food as possible. Or at least order a lot of food. This is, by and large, what a domestic cat life simulator would look like. However, in Stray, you will not chase the main character around four corners. It will not be a children’s game.

On PlayStation Blog There is a broader announcement of the gameplay of the first game from BlueTwelve Studio, the title stray. The French developer has shown a lot about their new game and I must admit that if it were released now, I would buy the PS5 (it will also be released on PS4). Unfortunately, it will be the premiere (or miaua) Only place in 2022.

W stray We play as a cat who lives in an unnatural futuristic city of robots. They don’t look like they’re trying to hit their furry friend, but they aren’t aggressive either. However, in the game we will face opponents and you will have to choose all four paws as quickly as possible. We will also find an ally, a B12 drone, that will help us live with the robots.

Stray – Walkthrough gameplay | PS5, PS4

What is Stray’s topic actually?


As we can see at the beginning of the trailer, our cunning hero is limping. Perhaps this is where the story begins and our job is to treat ourselves. And then? It’s not obvious, but we’re playing the cat, so we can do whatever our hearts desire.

Have you ever seen a cat that is afraid of cucumbers?  It will be similar here
Image source: © YouTube

Have you ever seen a cat that is afraid of cucumbers? It will be similar here

There will also be fun for the cats in Stray – rubbing legs or scratching the sofa

The developers themselves indicate that there would be no cat game without interactions with cats. “Some are useful and help you solve puzzles as you go along, some are here because cats are cats – and most cat owners know very well that no sofa can stay intact.” Sometimes you will also have to push something with your paw.

Graphics – looks really good

Not only does the game concept smell fresh and amazing. graphically stray It promises to be really good. That’s not just my opinion, but we can find similar reactions in the comments below the trailer. There will be a lot of shade, light and color at play here. However, there are some less detailed elements – for example, a grid under the desk (about 3:35).


stray It will be released in early 2022 and will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Microsoft Windows. Studio Blue Twelve announces the following gameplay demos.